Homemade Aquaponics Requirements.

Homemade Aquaponics Requirements.

Before you get your Aquaponics Plans you need to take note of the requirements to have your own homemade Aquaponics system running in your garden. There is only really six things that you actually need to have ready for building your own homemade aquaponics system.

Below I will list exactly what you need to build your own aquaponics system.  It helps to have all the materials ready so when you get the Aquaponics plans you are ready to go ahead and start building your homemade Aquaponics garden.

  • You are going to need a decent energy efficient pump. This is so you can pump water to your plant bed and then allow gravity to return the water back to the fish tank.
  • You will need a good grow bed. Make sure you clean it well before use since you do not want to it getting clogged up or affecting the plants.
  • You need a decent size fish tank depending on what amount of space you have to set up your homemade Aquaponics system. Also if you plan to eat the fish aswell then you may consider a bigger tank to hold more fish.
  • Tubing is required to transfer water from the fish tank to the grow bed. There are a few different types with different affects. It comes down to what kind of fish you have and what plants you want to grow. The main difference is deciding on a constant flow system or a ebb flow drip system.
  • You need pH test kits to check the pH of the water in the system.
  • A water heater for aquatic systems can be required depending on what sort of plants you are growing and what kind of fish you plan to keep.
  • Gravel or Clay for your grow bed. When you see some Aquaponics plans you will see that the roots of the plants hang in the water whilst the plant itself is supported by gravel or sometimes clay. I prefer gravel.

As you can see it really depends on what plants you want to grow and it can depend on what fish you are wanting to keep also. Over the coming days I will be going into a lot more detail about this. But I hope it gives you a idea about what you should be thinking about when planning to get into Aquaponics.

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