How Do You Make An Aquaponics System

I am constantly asked this question How Do You Make An Aquaponics System? The answer is a simple one for me. All you need to make an aquaponics system is the right Aquaponics plans, materials and half a brain. Its really that simple. Of cause you need some aquaponics plans to follow to and lucky for you I know the best place to get them. I have been helping many people in my local area and on the Internet get into aquaponics recently and those that used Aquaponics 4 U plans have been able to build their own aquaponics systems right in their garden. Carry on reading to find out how I made an aquaponics system for the first time.

How I found the best aquaponics training course.

It was only a few years ago that I was asking myself how do you make an aquaponics system? After seeing many people benefiting from aquaponics I wanted to try aquaponic gardening. Since I have limited space where I live and I have always been interested in organic gardening. Well it turns out that making an aquaponics system on your own can be extremely stressful. So I decided to look for help. What I found was Aquaponics 4 U.

Now unlike most of the aquaponics material online Aquaponics 4 U was full of information and videos. And costs it very little for the quality of the Aquaponics plans you get. Some courses cost thousands and require you to actually go to the class room. I didn’t want that. I just wanted a step by step guide to follow so I could build an aquaponics system.

How Do You Make An Aquaponics System With Aquaponics 4 U?

All you need to do is follow their simple step by step Aquaponics plans. Which has diagrams showing you exactly what you need to do. You also receive a DVD which shows you how they make aquaponics systems. The guide contains a great aquaponics materials list which shows you where to get the materials needed for cheap prices.

aquaponics plans videoAs you can see the video instructions are clear and precise and anybody can follow them correctly to build their own aquaponics system. I really was amazed at the quality of the Aquaponics 4 U system for the price I paid. Thats why I recommend it to everyone that is thinking of building their own aquaponics system. With aquaponics 4 u its made easy.

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Thanks for reading and please feel free to contact me or leave your comments.

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Building Small Aquaponics Systems

Building Small Aquaponics Systems

As with most things its better to start small and build your way up. And Aquaponics is no different. When you first start Aquaponics you need to start building small Aquaponics systems first. Once you have mastered the job of building small Aquaponics systems you will be able to move on to making much larger Aquaponics systems.

If you are planning on building a small Aquaponics system and it happens to be your first one then I recommend you take the time to learn as much about it as possible. Its best not to jump in head first without the right knowledge. Trust me I learned this from experience. If you are tired with researching and want to get stuck in to making your own small Aquaponics system then I Recommend you visit John Fays Aquaponics 4 U.

I learned a lot about Aquaponics from John Fays Aquaponics 4 U guide. And used the step by step instructions to help me make my first small Aquaponics systems. His Aquaponics book and DVD will give you the right knowledge and direction needed to start building your own small Aquaponics systems.

Buying Small Aquaponics Systems can be expensive!

You can also buy small Aquaponics systems from some stores. But I find it is much more rewarding if you build your own Aquaponics system. Not only is it more rewarding but its a hell of a lot cheaper too. A reasonable quality small Aquaponics system will cost you upwards of $300 and larger systems in the thousands. Trust me you can save hundreds by building your own. And with Aquaponics 4 U its easy.


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5 Tips For Building A Home Aquaponics System

5 Tips For Building A Home Aquaponics System

If you are just getting into Aquaponics and need some tips for building your own home Aquaponics system then below you will find my 5 tips for building a working and healthy Aquaponics system.

Remember building and maintaining an Aquaponics system is supposed to be an easy task, And it can be if you have the right information. I hope that my tips can help you get a good start in Aquaponics.

Aquaponics Plans 5 Tips For Building A Home Aquaponics System:

  1. Picking The Right Location. Where you put your Aquaponics system will affect how well your plants grow. Shelter them from extreme weather conditions (hot and cold temperatures and wind) and make sure they get enough light to grow.
  2. Oxygenating In The Water. Keeping your fish very happy will also keep your Aquaponics system running well. Make sure you Oxygenate the water in your system daily.
  3. Choose Your Fish Well. The great thing about this is that you can have just about any kind of fish in your system and it will still work. You can use many types of freshwater fish. Catfish are popular because of their efficient digestive system. You will however need to check with your states regulations for what fish you can keep. I recommend you buy fingerling’s and not fry. Fingerling’s will ensure your system will be running soon rather than fry which take time to mature.
  4. Easy Maintenance And Harvest. In order to ensure that you have a easy time harvesting and conducting maintenance you should keep your Aquaponics systems height level with your waist. This way you will not have to bend over to do the work required to maintain your Aquaponics system.
  5. Test And Maintain. You need to test the water in your system daily to ensure that your fish are still producing the right nutrients for your plants. If they are not producing well then you need to add the missing nutrients. Most common is Iron, Calcium carbonate or Potassium carbonate. Adding this nutrients yourself is easy and may be required to ensure your plants are getting what they need.

Aquaponics can be a fun and rewarding venture and I recommend it to anyone that wants to grow organic food and plants. The investment and cost to get set up and running is little compared to the great benefits that you will get from having your own home Aquaponics system.

If you would like to get started with Aquaponics today then I recommend you visit Aquaponics 4 U. Aquaponics 4 U is a step by step guide to building and maintaining your own Aquaponics system.

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Aquaponics System Blueprints

Aquaponics System Blueprints

Blueprints for Aquaponics systems are fairly rare on the Internet. From what I have found the only way to get some Aquaponics system blueprints is to pay for them. Most of the so called free blueprints for Aquaponics systems are either wrong or so under detailed that they make no sense.

That being said you will also want to make sure you spend your money wisely since there is a lot of poor information on the Internet regarding Aquaponics. My advice would be to pay a visit to Aquaponics 4 U. Aquaponics 4 U is the system I used to make my own homemade Aquaponics system. They provide a step by step guide to building an Aquaponics system and also provide loads of information on how to maintain and get the best out of your system.

Aquaponics System Blueprints That Helped Me

The Aquaponics plans they provide are not exactly like blueprints but more like a step by step process to making a Aquaponics system. The Aquaponics 4 U system contains a book which contains diagrams and the exact steps you need to take to build a Aquaponic system. The book you can download straight away to your computer and they also send you a DVD to your house which shows you the steps in video. In the guide you will also find a materials list and the cheapest places to get the materials from. They saved me a lot of money and that is why I really recommend their Aquaponics guide.

So if you are having trouble finding any Aquaponics system blueprints then I recommend you head over to Aquaponics 4 U and consider what they offer. It helped me a lot, so I don’t see why you will not also benefit from it.

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The Benefits Of Homemade Aquaponics Builds.

The Benefits Of Homemade Aquaponics Builds.

I just wanted to go over the benefits of homemade Aquaponics systems. I am sure that their are many organic gardeners and farmers looking for a better way to grow their plants or crops. The problems with planting in soil can be a nightmare depending on where you live. The soil may be naturally infertile or you may have issues with pests. With Aquaponics all these problems go away.

Imagine being able to grow as many plants as you do now or more even without having to work that hard at it. Certain homemade Aquaponics systems only use 2% of the water it takes to keep your plants alive in soil. And the amount of energy required to run a Aquaponics system is very little. You could even set up a alternative power supply to make your Aquaponics system even cheaper to run.

So lets look at the benefits of homemade Aquaponics builds:

  • Fairly cheap to setup, run and maintain.
  • Very little work required. No more weeding or digging!
  • No more pests ruining your pride and joy.
  • Increased growth from all your plants.
  • More tasty organic food.
  • Increased profits of you sell your produce.
  • The range of different fruit and vegetables you can grow with Aquaponics is no different to planting in soil.
  • It works everywhere and anywhere.

As you can see the benefits of homemade Aquaponics systems are very good and its a lot of fun to do. I am retired and always enjoyed my gardening. Since I got into Aquaponics I have enjoyed great tasting organic food. And it I think it tastes better knowing you have grown it with the help of nature.

I urge anyone that loves gardening to try it. I think it is organic gardening at its best. Of course it requires a little investment to get started. I recommend Aquaponics 4 U. Its a online Aquaponics training system that I used to get started. Their customer service is excellent and the system simply works.

I know you can buy already made Aquaponics systems but from what I have seen the quality is never that great and by building your own Aquaponics system you will know about more about what works and what doesn’t. So go ahead and visit Aquaponics 4 U

Click Here To Visit The Aquaponics 4 U homepage.

Thanks for reading Aquaponics Plans. Take Care


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